The Generated Energy of System Rises 2% – 5% Lower Cost Of Project

The whole scheme focuses on the Generation Benefit Efficiency

  • The electric power production of system rises 2% – 5%
  • Lower cost of over all project
  • Better performance of the grid connection and output power quality
  • Intelligent and  concentrated management of the monitor
  • Promotes the reliability and security of the system

Combining the respective advantages of string inverters and centralized inverters in a creative way, Polycab proposed, CP serial group, centralized, and distributed photovaltaic power generation solution, which has increased the electric power production of system and substantially lowered cost of system.

Different from traditional centralized grid power station, the direct current combiner box is replaced by the intelligent combiner box equipped with MPPT optimized unit. Every 1 MW power generating system boats 48 independent MPPT optimized units, which has effectively solved power generation losses because of dust covering, shade blocking direct current line loss in-conformity, module degradation, dip angle discrepancy and other module mismatch and has increased atleast 2% generating capacity. The generating capacity will be higher if it wasn’t plain.

Because the direct voltage from the MPPT controller box to the inverter has increased above DC 750 V, the corresponding cost of AC/DC cable has reduced over 30%. For transformers, because duplex winding has replaced fission double and the cost has reduced about 20%. Besides the smaller inverter room volume has contributed to 50% reduction of the cost.

Using 1 MW inverter centralized grid connection to transport the power collected by 48 optimized units to the power grid, which inherit the advantages of the centralized inverter such as high reliability, easy maintenance and management, it’s certain that this solution will optimize the quality of output electric power and grid connection.

Typical Networking Scheme

  • Every 1 MW photovoltaic power generation unit is composed by 12 sets of intelligent combiner boxes and a set of 1MW inverters.
  • It adopts 245-265 Wp module. Every 1MW is equipped with 12 sets of intelligent MPPT controllers.
  • Every intelligent combiner box is equipped with 4 MPPT optimizers.
  • Every 12 sets of intelligent combiner boxes are equipped with a set of 1MW inverter.
  • Every 1MW adopts a set of 1MVA duplex winding transformers to connect the grid.
  • Every 2MW adopts a set of fission double transformer to connect the grid.