How Functions Solar Inverter?

In solar inverter : – Inbuilt solar charger 40A .It is very easy to install solar inverter you have to connect only solar panel to the connector given. Intelligent
solar inverter acts as a solar inverter when battery charges from solar and acts as a normal inverter when battery charges from mains. In solar mode bill
reducing protocol is in built. In this When Battery charges to14V/Batt. It switches OFF mains and inverter starts working .It uses solar power & converts to 230
v ac & feed to load connected. When solar power is less it draws power from battery. When battery discharges to 60% of its capacity it switches on Mains and
Battery charges from solar & Mains and when again battery charges up to 14V same cycle repeats. Balance 40% battery capacity is used when there are no
mains & no solar power available. On the display solar power generation is displayed.
What follows is a brief explanation of this protocol:
1. When the single battery voltage is between 10.5 V to 12 V, the inverter unit selects the Mains supply line or Solar Power as the source of charging.
Even if the Mains supply is available.
But solar power is strong inv will charge batteries on solar only & The load is connected to the Mains (if present) in this mode.
2. Between 12V to 14V, the battery is charged using the Solar Supply (if present), even if the Mains is present. The load is on Mains in this mode.
3. When the battery voltage reaches 14.2V, the unit switches over to the Inverter mode, charging continues from the solar supply and the load gets
shifted from Mains to the Battery(the INV ON indicator lights up) , even if the Mains is present (the Mains Indicator starts flashing to show the
presence of Mains). The unit is then supposed to have entered into SOLAR ZONE. In this zone, the Solar energy stored in the battery is utilized,
saving the electricity.
4. At battery voltage 14.2 V, the charging(either from Solar or from Mains) stops, then starts again when it falls down to 13.8V(when Solar present),
again stops at 14.2 V. This is the trickle charging operation.
5. If Mains supply cuts off during the solar zone, the unit maintains its “solar-zone” mode. Therefore, when the Mains supply resumes, the unit
continues to operate in Inverter mode and the load is supplied by the battery.
6. When the battery voltage reaches 11.5V per battery during the solar zone, the unit switches back to the Mains Supply, the charging continues from
solar supply and the load gets shifted back on Mains Supply.
7. When Mains & Solar Power both are not available inv will start working on battery mode.
8. When the battery voltage is below 10.5V, the unit enters a shut down.

Bill Reduction Protocol (BRP) for Solar Inverters
Considering the need of the Indian Customers, VITRONICS have introduced a unique feature of the Inverter Battery Power Management using a specific
pattern of electricity utilization from Solar Panel and Mains Supply Lines.
This pattern is developed after rigorous surveys conducted across the country, both in rural and urban areas, to understand the power demands, availability
of electricity supply and average solar energy available from moderately efficient solar panels.
The protocol thus developed, when bundled with the Pure Sinewave Inverters, renders a major benefit to the customer in achieving considerable reduction in
his electricity bill.

Priority = Solar ----> Battery ----> Mains
  • Design based on PWM/MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking)
  • Power quality is audited through specially designed software
  • They have digital representation of parameters
  • Solar off grid inverters are preferred for pure sine wave output with DSP Technology with low total (THD)
  • Battery deep discharge protection
  • Bi directional solar inverters have PWM / MPPT technology based mains grid charger and inverter
  • The machines are equipped with scheduled shutdown and pulse by pulse current limiting with audio reset resulting in efficient overload and short circuit protection
  • Eco friendly operation.