We offer complete turnkey solution from resource characterization, Engineering, design, optimization & location wise techno-engineering customization with O&M


Small to medium projects: Hospitals, Industries, Hotels, Educational Institutes, Malls, Shopping complex, Apartments, Societies, Pumping system & Farm houses, Building fasad, Elevated Rooftops, Metallic Inclined rooftops, Car parking, Petrol pump etc.

1) Grid-Tie System:

Recommended for day time usage

  • 99.99% MPPT efficiency    with    innovative    week    light   power generation technology to harvest more power during low radiance
  • Adopt 2″’ generation components for high efficiencY    reliability
  •  Its sync &  share the energy with grid to  reduces the energy bill
  • Without battery, so economical with no recurring & replacement cost
  • WI- FI inbuilt features  for  remote  monitoring  of  aII  the parameters on phone or PC
  • Suitable  for   Net  metering   or  regular  metering  where  day time load power is more
  •  Ksolare provide the  reverse feeding  controller for  DG& reverse    flow

2) Off-Grid System:

Recommended where there are frequent power failure & usages are at night time.

  • Texas processor technology with Solar-Utility & battery mode.
  •  Its sync & sha re the energy with solar, Grid & Battery & reduces the entire energy bill.
  • Modular technology can be upscale in future.
  • LCD & 485 features for Remote monitoring of all the parameters

3) Bi-Directional Hybrid system:

Recommended where there ore less power failure & usages are at night time.

  • On can enjoy the benefits of Off-Grid and On-Grid system.
  • Programmable supply priority for PV, Battery & Grid.
  • Battery Management System to protect & enhance the battery life. G Highly Intelligent 2nd  generation technology.
  • Reduces the entire energy bill.
  • Ksolare provide 24x7x365 days remote monitoring for the performance of the project