Ksolare String Inverters

KSS Series: 3.6-5KW

KST Series: 1.5-3KW

KSY Series: 6-20KW

Open String Inverter


  • Extremely high conversion efficiencies of 91% ~ 98.5%
  • Pure dual core DSP based digital control with high sampling technique ensures high performance.
  • Multi-straing technology with leading edge capacitor control offer wide MPPT range with99.99% MPPT efficiency.
  • Built-in WI-FI as optional web based real time PV system monitoring and reporting on PC, Tablet & smart phones.
  • Top high quality AI profile to reduce & maintain temperature with exceptionally silent operation.
  • Complete suite of protection including integrated over-voltage and instantaneous anti-is-landing.
  • Innovative weak-light power generation technology for harvesting more power.
  • Wi-Fi communication & Web server for remote monitoring.
  • All Weather Proof…IP 65, & adhering to all IEC standards for safety, EMC & Grid standard.

Technical Specification